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International Employee Benefits Services

When dealing with employees abroad, you as the employer must have an understanding of what is legally required in terms of sick pay, bereavement leave, data protection, taxable benefits and more. The right combination of corporate rewards will allow your business to attract and retain the best candidates overseas, motivating them to achieve more and stay loyal to your workforce.

How will you know the compensation and benefits expectations of your foreign team members, or what is mandatory in each country? Moreover, you must balance your global employee benefits with those provided to employees in your parent business. There is a lot to consider.

At Golden Harvest we’re on hand to manage your international employee compensation and benefits plan from strategy to execution, negating the need to seek expensive legal advice. Our global experts have an in-depth understanding of the regional entitlements and market expectations. This ensures that your business remains competitive in the market and attractive to top local talent.

Employee Compensation Packages

Your country-specific compensation package is more than the salaries you pay. The right international corporate rewards will enable your business to attract and retain the best candidates globally, motivating them to achieve and incentivizing them to stay loyal to your company. Importantly, your compensation package has the ability to benchmark your business competitively against other in-country recruiters, especially when combined with an attractive employee benefit scheme.

  • Private medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Enhanced annual leave entitlement
  • Stock and bonus options
  • Family allowances