International Payroll Services

Simplifying global payroll

A global payroll solution that gives you complete peace of mind.

We understand the barriers and stresses you need to overcome during international expansion, such as differing languages, currencies, benefits, and importantly, legislative compliance.

Failure to comply with local legislation can not only put your business at serious risk of costly fines and penalties, but it also has the potential to develop into lawsuits, a damaged reputation, and even the closure of your overseas business. Therefore, it’s no surprise that global payroll can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, Golden Harvest has knowledgeable, in-country experts located across 135 countries to help ensure your payroll is accurate and compliant – giving you the peace of mind you deserve. With one convenient single point of contact, our far-reaching teams ensure that your growing global workforce are paid accurately, on time, every time.

Not only will we keep your business globally compliant, but we will also save you valuable time and money so that you can focus on the strategic growth goals of your business. And, as we offer an end-to-end service, we will continue to scale our offering alongside your growth, no matter how complex your requirements become.

Payroll onboarding & off-boarding.

Across 135 countries, we help businesses seamlessly and compliantly ​on-board and off-board employees from payroll to save your business valuable time.

Onboarding / Off-boarding

  • Complexity discovery sessions​​
  • In-country authority registration​
  • In-country authority set-up ​
  • In-country payroll configuration​
  • In-country employee on-boarding​
  • Parallel run(s)​​
  • In-country employee off-boarding 
  • De-registration of employees and payroll with local authorities​

Secure payroll processing & calculation.

As global payroll experts who understand the complexities of delivering payroll solutions in multiple locations, languages and currencies, we have the ability to process complex in-country payroll calculations correctly and securely, without fail.

Preparation & Calculations

  • Employee changes​
  • Salary changes ​
  • Variable pay & bonuses​​​
  • Holiday & absences​​
  • Statutory changes​​
  • Income tax (national & regional)​​​
  • Employer’s social security​
  • Employee’s social security​

International payments​.

Paying your overseas employees shouldn’t have to be painful. You need to make regular payments, so you need a partner that is consistent, reliable and punctual. At Golden Harvest, we ensure that your global workforce receive their pay on time, every time in their local currency.

Request & Receipt of Funds / Employee Payments

  • Raise Funds Request (FR) with breakdown of foreign liabilities for payment (salaries, social security, taxes primarily)
  • Funds collection management, money movement and funds allocation processes​​
  • Commit, reconcile and cross-reference trades​​​​
  • Reconcile disbursements & post trade reporting ​
  • Pay employees in their local currency​​​
  • Pay local beneficiaries in their local currency from in country bank accounts e.g. social security and income tax obligations​​​​

End of year statutory reporting​.

There’s no need to worry about deadlines. We ensure that you meet all local deadlines with compliant filing and reporting from our expert, in-country teams.

End of year reporting / new tax year

  • Country specific Tax Year-End (TYE) procedures, processes and timescales​
  • Review of payroll settings and reconciliation activities​
  • Production and disbursement of final pay runs & reports​
  • Updating of employee records (allowances, tax codes, social security records, share plans)​
  • Updating of relevant authorities​
  • Ensure you are compliant for any new local legislation changes​
  • Adjust director settings for the new tax year